​Great Ambience​

Fantastic food. Great ambience and very friendly staff. The buffet is a great option. Very authentic food. Do not miss this restaurant. Very new to the food scene but I am sure this restaurant will go places very soon due to the quality of their food and the customer service.
Sathesh Rajamanickam

Really yummy food​

Really great experience. Came with a group of 17 and they accommodated us wonderfully. Part of the group went for the buffet and all loved it. The vegetarian's and vegans ordered a la carte and also had really yummy food. Staff were attentive, friendly, and seemed genuinely happy to serve us.
Kevin Lakritz


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Liam Rae-McLauchlan

Food was fabulous

Wonderful experience. Staff were so welcoming and attentive. Very professional and friendly. Even the Chef was smiling. Food was fabulous.
Definitely going back again!!! Thank you Team!!!
Cathy Woods